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Located on Joint Base Lewis McChord. Serving the military community and their families. JBLM Paintball has all the gear and games for a great day of fun!

Paintball is one of the most exciting activities you can experience regardless of age,  gender, or background. A great way to exercise, socialize, and depressurize.


Play to Live. Live to Play!

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Important notice for our customers!

Joint Base Lewis McChord leadership continues to limit patrons to those that have JBLM access or can be sponsored on base.

Saturdays and Sundays are our Walk-on days, no matter the size of group. 

All units are REQUIRED to schedule their event via email or phone.

Thank you and we will see you soon!


With 4 different playing areas there is plenty of opportunity to make your mark. Play the village and move in for some close quarter action, storm the bunkers on the hill, live through the suspense of moving through the woods while seeking the opposition. All types of games. All of the great fun of paintball!


If you like the fast paced adrenaline world of speedball, try our  20,000 sq ft. arena. Move through the stacks of tires and wood bunkers on a  turf covered field where mud and rocks are left in the woods.


Our staging area has plenty of covered tables


Dont have gear, Don't worry! We have full rental sets available

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